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Clubday Saturday 10/1
Alycat - Race Analysis
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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Buggy 3 Round 4, Race 3

Duration: 7 min's   Start Method: Uncalled Staggered Start   (Lap 1 counts as 0)    
Min'm Lap: 26 sec's   (1st lap=NA sec's)   Last Lap: 50 sec's   Race Run: 9:16 PM 10/01/2015

Pos Car Name Details Laps/Time Fastest Average Lap ** Consistency *** Comments
1 Craig Laughton Aka Losi Fusion X 0/ 0m 0.000s
2 Josh Barry Alpha Australia, Ryper, AKA, Sworkz 0/ 0m 0.000s
3 Jarrod Smith Ryper / AKA 0/ 0m 0.000s
4 Martin Wolhuter 0/ 0m 0.000s
5 Fabio Silvi AKA, Ryper Hobbies, Sworkz 0/ 0m 0.000s
6 Damon Venafro AKA/RYPERHOBBIES 0/ 0m 0.000s
7 Tod Trower TLR 0/ 0m 0.000s
8 Matt Laughton Mugen Picco 0/ 0m 0.000s
9 Steve Smith S-Workz .Ryper Hobbies. AKA 0/ 0m 0.000s
* Manual Adjustments
(No Manual Adjustments)
** Average laps: First item is all laps, second is average of driver's best 10, third is best 5.
*** Consistency: First item is all laps, second drops driver's worst lap, third drops 2 worst

Car Positions and Lap Times

Pos 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th

=Best Lap (excluding first lap)
=force started