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Friday 14th Aug 2015
Alycat - Meeting Summary
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Friday, 14 August 2015

Fastest Times of Day

Name Status Fastest Lap
Kyle Francis 38.94
Logan Bruecher 39.134
Benny Margaria 39.467
Brady Piggott 40.657
Hamish Wood 40.96
Jarrod Smith 41.227
Shane Angelinovich 42.115
Joel Lewis 42.771
Todd Johnson 43.643
Joe Capone 45.554
Paul Wyllie 45.847
David Morley M 47.346
Phil Wood 47.436
Duane Ralph 72.261
Buggy (7 min's)
Name Status Best Lap/Times
Logan Bruecher 11/7m19.146s
Kyle Francis 11/7m23.131s
Benny Margaria 11/7m29.207s
Hamish Wood 10/7m5.306s
Jarrod Smith 10/7m11.283s
Joel Lewis 10/7m31.390s
Brady Piggott 10/7m35.611s
Shane Angelinovich 10/7m44.500s
Todd Johnson 9/7m8.799s
Joe Capone 9/7m10.079s
Paul Wyllie 9/7m23.989s
Phil Wood 9/7m37.574s
David Morley M 9/7m37.613s
Duane Ralph 5/6m48.459s

Results of All Rounds
Pos Name ID# Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Rnd 4 Combined (Pts)**
1st Logan Bruecher 5/3m28.563s* 11/7m34.171s* 11/7m19.146s 11/7m26.647s 22/14m45.793s
2nd Kyle Francis 11/7m38.202s 11/7m44.030s* 10/7m7.309s* 11/7m23.131s 22/15m1.333s
3rd Benny Margaria 10/7m11.116s* 9/6m42.356s* 10/7m3.339s 11/7m29.207s 21/14m32.546s
4th Hamish Wood 10/7m9.150s* 10/7m5.306s 10/7m7.835s 10/7m14.197s* 20/14m13.141s
5th Jarrod Smith 10/7m36.895s* 10/7m23.092s 10/7m11.283s 10/7m36.779s* 20/14m34.375s
6th Brady Piggott 9/7m24.128s* 10/7m35.611s 10/7m36.613s 10/7m44.326s* 20/15m12.224s
7th Shane Angelinovich 9/7m5.337s* 9/7m3.580s 10/7m44.500s 7/7m26.379s* 19/14m48.080s
8th Joel Lewis 9/7m25.200s 3/2m22.852s* 8/6m39.354s* 10/7m31.390s 19/14m56.590s
9th Todd Johnson 9/7m8.799s 9/7m26.154s* 8/7m1.414s* 9/7m25.105s 18/14m33.904s
10th Joe Capone 9/7m47.559s* 9/7m42.400s 9/7m10.079s 8/7m6.526s* 18/14m52.479s
11th Paul Wyllie 8/7m6.910s 8/7m7.884s* 7/6m30.030s* 9/7m23.989s 17/14m30.899s
12th David Morley M 9/7m37.613s 8/7m1.063s 8/7m12.496s* 8/7m10.146s* 17/14m38.676s
13th Phil Wood 8/7m23.135s* 8/7m8.561s 9/7m37.574s 8/7m9.076s* 17/14m46.135s
14th Duane Ralph 0/0m16.923s* 5/6m48.459s 4/6m50.737s* 5/7m36.015s 10/14m24.474s
*result dropped