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Registered to Model Off Road Buggy Club
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Previous Results
Sunday Club Day12th Oct 2014
Sunday Club Day12th Oct 2014
Sat 25th Oct 2014
Sat 25th Oct 2014
Friday 31st Oct 2014
Club Night 8th Nov
Interclub MORBC 16th November
Challenge Cup 2014
Friday 28th Nov 2014
AKA Race Saturday 13th
Clubday Saturday 10/1
Friday Club Night 16th Jan 2015
Sunday Race 25/1
Friday 13th FEB
Sunday 22nd Feb 2015
Nats Warmup
Sat 28th March 2015
Friday 17th April 2015
Friday 1st May 2015
Sat Night 9-May-2015
Sat 23rd May
Novarossi FEMCA 2015 - Perth, Western Australia
Sat 27th June 2015
Wednesday 15th 2015
Wednesday 15th 2015
Friday 14th Aug 2015
Gero C Cup 2015
Sunday 11 oct 15 finals
Sunday 11 oct 15 finals
Sat Night 17th Oct 2015
AKA Race Sat 7th Nov
Inter Club Round One
Xmas Club Meeting 2015
MORBC Challenge Cup 2015 P1
MORBC Challenge Cup 2015 P2
Wednesday Night 13th Jan 2016
KOW Round one
Friday Rounds Night Jan 29 2016
Friday Rounds Night Jan 29 2016x2
New Track Test
KOW Final Sunday 28th Feb 2016
Inter Club Round 3 2016
Sat 12 March Club Night
WA State Titles 2016
Friday 15th April 2016 Club Night
Friday 13th Club Night
Sunday Club Day 5th June 2016
Sat Club Night 10 Sept 2016
North V South 2016
Geraldton C Cup R3
Sunday Club Day 23rd Oct 2016
Challenge Cup 2016 Final
Challenge Cup 2016 Final
AKA Reace 2016
2016 Xmas Cup
Sat 14th Club Night
Sat 28th Club Night
Sunday 26th Feb 17 A B C Finals
Friday 10th March Club Night
Sunday June 11th Club Day
Challenge Cup June 2017
Sunday 27th Aug Club Day
Sat 28th Oct AKA Sprint Cup
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